no.3 peppermint
no.3 peppermint

no.3 peppermint

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PLANT NAME  mentha piperita

ORIGIN  india

AROMA  sweet peppery menthol

|  organic coconut wax aromatherapy candle  |

-- organic coconut wax
-- pure essential oils
-- cotton wick
-- no harmful or synthetic ingredients - naturally deodorized wax, petroleum free, lead - free, non gmo, cruelty free
-- safe tempered mason jar - clear glass with silver two-piece snap and screw band
-- packaged with biodegradable tree - free labels and recyclable materials
-- store product in a cool dry place  

for best burn results ?!

-- burn for 1-2 hours minimum at a time
-- let candle wax melt to the edge of the glass before extinguishing
-- if wick mushrooms, remove carbon build-up by lightly pinching the soot off
-- wash empty candle jar and repurpose !



no.3 peppermint
no.3 peppermint